St. Joseph Products:

St. Joseph Aspirin was an iconic brand. However, it was living in the shadow of a much larger competitor, Bayer Aspirin. In fact, Bayer’s marketing budget was more than 200 times larger. If St. Joseph Aspirin had any hopes of capturing market share, it would need to find a unique path into the consumer’s medicine cabinet.

GKV began with a new packaging design, giving the St. Joseph brand a sense of “modern heritage.” Next, GKV tapped into the deep-seated emotional connection baby boomers already had with the St. Joseph brand. The theme created was as simple as the product itself. “Good for you again.” Ken Osmond, Eddie Haskell of Leave it to Beaver fame, proved to be a very effective spokesperson in trade promotions, consumer TV and print ads. St. Joseph saw tremendous results — a 19% rise in sales.

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