Maryland Department of Health:
GoVAX Campaign

GoVAX, Maryland.

What do you say when a vaccine and trust are in short supply?

The Maryland Department of Health faced many challenges in COVID-19 Vaccine Communications. The first, given the limited early supply of vaccine, was to clearly communicate the order in which vaccines would be distributed. The second, and much tougher task, was to convince many who were skeptical of the vaccine’s safety and efficacy to take it as soon they could.

Rather than preach to the masses in the form of a centralized governmental edict, or a prepackaged PSA campaign, we put the job in the hands of those closest to the people at greatest risk. Key points of protecting loved ones and preserving livelihoods were made by medical, spiritual, and cultural leaders in the black and Hispanic communities. Primary Care Physicians, Emergency Medical Technicians, and local groups were given the chance to put the plea to vaccinate in their own words.

It is the most basic drive for people to protect themselves. By delivering simple, relevant information from trusted sources, we sought to vaccinate our audience from fear, so they would have the courage to vaccinate against the real danger of COVID-19.