Calvary Hospital:
In-Home Hospice Campaign

For anyone who has gone through the process of having a loved one in hospice, it’s an extremely emotional and vulnerable stage. As a caregiver, you’re dealing with the eventual passing of a loved one and trying to determine the best path forward for care. There are lots of decisions to make. And oftentimes, these caregivers feel “helpless” while also experiencing a tremendous sense of guilt using a hospice service as they are fearful of being perceived as “giving up.”

Calvary Hospital is a nonprofit institution specializing in hospice and palliative care, headquartered in the Bronx. GKV was hired to launch a campaign to educate the market about their in-home hospice offering and grow direct-to-consumer inquiries from families who require hospice care for a loved one at home.

The campaign immediately resonated with the caregiver audience. It connected deeply on an emotional level and empowered them to regain control over challenging circumstances.

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