Encouraging the switch to a
Medicare Advantage plan.


Molina Healthcare was launching a Medicare Advantage plan in Idaho. Strong brands including multiple “Blues” plans and Humana dominated the market. Consumers had lots of information and were overwhelmed with options. And following a national trend, MA plan switching in Idaho continued to decline.

Challenger Brand Solution


While the competition continued to leverage their heavy advertising budgets to attract “switchers” from other Medicare Advantage plans, the Molina advertising campaign focused on one powerful primary message to target a narrow audience that consisted of Medicare beneficiaries who were not eligible for Medicaid because they exceeded FPL guidelines. Many of these people signed up for Original Medicare, but had never purchased a Medicare Advantage to supplement or enhance the benefits offered under Medicare. Many times this audience was confused about their options and did not understand the differences between Original Medicare and a Medicare Advantage plan.

Tactics / Solution

Leveraging Molina’s commitment to being a caring, mission-driven organization that truly understands the needs of its members, GKV created a campaign that featured a funny, plain-spoken, salt-of-the-earth character named “Isabella” who provided a direct comparison between Original Medicare and a Molina Medicare Advantage plan. The campaign was executed across multiple advertising mediums, including TV, radio, OOH, print, digital and direct mail.


A very successful campaign — achieved 142% of enrollment goal, assisted in generating sales for Molina’s SNP plan, and efforts have led to planning for expansion efforts in other states.

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