San Giorgio:
The Right Way to Pasta

For as simple as cooking pasta is, you’d be surprised how many different “right ways” there are to cook it.

Some like their pasta al dente, while others cook it until soft. Some salt the water; others add oil. You can throw it against the wall to see if it’s done, bite it, break it or set the timer. Some people insist on mixing sauce throughout the dish, while others layer it on top. And don’t even get started on whether to break spaghetti in half before cooking!

San Giorgio has been making authentic Italian pasta in America for more than 100 years. Research revealed the San Giorgio consumer is a hard-working American family with their own way of doing things, whether it’s an old family recipe or a technique they learned along the way, which they are sure is the “right way.” The goal of the campaign is to have fun engaging people in “The Right Way to Pasta” and to welcome them into San Giorgio’s inclusive approach to pasta.

This fun and lighthearted campaign features person-on-the-street interviews in which real people share with great passion their methods for cooking this mealtime staple. San Giorgio accepts that they can all be right when starting with the San Giorgio.

Featuring appetizing images and people enjoying their home-cooked meals, the campaign celebrates the techniques and rituals used to achieve pasta perfection.

The omnichannel media approach will launch mid-August and reach people throughout their customer journey, with OTT, digital display, paid and organic social and shopper media.

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