Lofthouse Cookies:
Dare to be Sweet

Lofthouse — Dare To Be Sweet

Just when did everyone get so grumpy, snarky and sour? The world is so hungry for a little sweetness. And when conducting consumer research for our new client, Lofthouse Cookies, we discovered that we had just the thing. Lofthouse Cookies are more than cookies — they are a way to make anyone’s day a little brighter. Kids. Friends. Even grouches.
Lofthouse Cookies have been around for years, but most people don’t know them by name; they know them as those yummy cake-like cookies with pink frosting and sprinkles that can’t help but bring a smile to anyone’s face. The campaign goal is to encourage everyone to bring a little more sweetness into the world through small gestures like sharing one delicious cookie. In a cranky world, we Dare To Be Kind … Dare To Be Giving … Dare To Be Sweet.
The campaign launches in August and it will reach consumers throughout their daily lives with digital video, paid and organic social as well as shopper marketing.

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