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Medicare Advantage
Digital Marketing


Clover Health is one of the fastest growing Medicare Advantage plans in the country. After multiple years of executing successful “offline” acquisition marketing programs with GKV, the client expanded its relationship with the agency, giving us responsibility for improving the performance of all of its digital marketing programs.

Challenger Brand Solution

Symbols of Reevaluation

GKV created an integrated campaign  around a single, provocative theme: “Dare To Compare.” This challenge projected the self-confidence that Clover has about its Medicare plans. It also provided a reminder for prospects that it’s smart to review their Medicare coverage each year.

Tactics / Solution

GKV developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy tailored to the needs of two key target audiences: 1) Medicare eligibles and 2) their adult children and other caregivers who are often important influencers of their loved ones’ Medicare decisions. For each audience, we created multiple creative executions and ran them across multiple digital platforms. This allowed us to make small initial bets on creative to assess their in-market performance so we could make quick adjustments as needed.

We used awareness/consideration tactics to keep Clover top-of-mind and drive web traffic, which we used to populate a pool of prospects for retargeting. We also used separate conversion tactics to drive leads. As the campaign progressed, we optimized to the best-performing creative executions and media tactics within each platform. This led to a steady increase in conversions over time, even as impressions leveled out.


The campaign was incredibly successful, delivering over 46,000 online conversions. The campaign served 93.7 million digital impressions and had 1.4 million landing page views. In addition, the campaign drove a 72% increase in new website users year over year, as compared to the previous AEP.

Additionally, this expanded relationship allowed GKV to create a more cohesive campaign across all advertising channels, and it gave us a better understanding of the online journey by which Clover prospects become Clover members.

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