Seven Strategies for Regaining Trust in Public Health Messaging

Trust in messaging from public institutions has eroded due to misinformation, politicization and contradictory advice. We have developed seven strategies for regaining the public’s trust.

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    Deidre McCabe

    Communications Strategist

    Deidre McCabe has worked professionally in communications for more than 35 years. After spending more than a decade as a newspaper reporter at community weeklies and The Baltimore Sun, Deidre has worked as a communications director at a variety of organizations.

    Before joining GKV as Communications Strategist, Deidre served as Director of Communications at the Maryland Department of Health, where she developed a statewide communications program for the agency, managed multiple public awareness campaigns and coordinated with 24 local health departments. For two and a half years, she directed the state’s public response for the COVID-19 pandemic in collaboration with the Governor’s Office, other state agencies, dozens of community partners and multiple contractors.

    During her career, Deidre has served as Communications Director for Howard County, Md., Communications Director of the Maryland Department of Disabilities, Communications Coordinator for the Maryland Port Administration and Senior Editor for the Columbia Association.

    Deidre has a bachelor’s degree in English from Boston College and a master’s degree in Journalism from the University of Maryland, College Park.

    Deidre and her husband, Chris, recently decided to give up Maryland winters and now live fulltime in St. Petersburg, Florida, where she works remotely for GKV. Their four adult children and partners have relocated as well and live nearby. A steady stream of visitors to the sunshine state keeps her busy.