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    Mike Hilton

    VP, Director of IT

    Mike Hilton came to GKV in 2007. In simple terms, he is a problem solver and a fixer of things. His primary job is to make sure ‘everything electronic’ is working properly at GKV. This includes managing the services and infrastructure for GKV’s servers, workstations, software, networking, etc.

    The only thing that is constant is change. This is especially true in IT. Mike strives to keep GKV as current as possible in this ever-changing field. The more up-to-date and adaptive GKV is in its internal information technology, the better suited it is to support clients.

    Before Mike came to GKV, he worked as a senior designer for music labels, small design companies, direct mail companies, and printing companies. He primarily designed for music manufacturing & packaging, non-profits, government agencies, health care, and banking industries. While doing this, he also became the de facto IT person at each company. This led to an eventual career change into the IT field. He is able to bring his past design insight to better support GKV’s unique IT needs as an advertising agency.

    Outside of the office, Mike enjoys playing and writing music, painting, and remains eternally optimistic as a season ticket holder for DC United.