The COVID-19 Test

COVID-19 forced us to do things we didn’t want to do, both as individuals and as businesses. We had to stop doing things we were comfortable doing and find another way forward. There were no easy answers because this was all new… for all of us.

Many times, our first role as an advertising agency is to empathize with our audience. In the case of the pandemic, we were one and the same. And the one thing we all wanted was to stay safe and protect those we care about, be it our families, our co-workers or our customers. That is what we did to the best of our ability with our vital role as communicator in a crisis.

As the virus continues to be a part of daily life, the messaging and the tone of our work changes, but what won’t change is that we will continue to produce work that is honest and appeals to our better natures. We are fighting a virus and we are fighting fear. And what we do as communicators can help overcome both.

Dave Broscious

SVP, Creative Director

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