Old Bay:
Social Crab


In 2018, OLD BAY and GKV tapped into the minds and habits of their followers and recognized their never-ending love of crabs, and OLD BAY. What followed was a series of seasonally trendy, lovable crab animations aimed at increasing engagements and disrupting followers’ usual feed content.

Strategy / Approach

GKV invented the animated crab as a way to connect with followers on a new level. Using a combination of photography, live action footage and illustrations, GKV was able to bring the crab to life. The crab was created to be readily available in the event of cultural, timely and seasonal situations.


  • Over 1.3 million combined views
  • 84,500 combined engagements

Old Bay - Social Crab 1

Old Bay - Social Crab 2

Old Bay - Social Crab 3

Old Bay - Social Crab 4

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