How to Un-Junk Email Copy

Are your emails ready for a refresh? Get five tips for un-junking, de-cluttering and re-inspiring your email marketing copywriting.

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    Danielle Sirk

    Senior Copywriter

    Danielle joined GKV’s creative team as a Senior Copywriter in 2021.

    She started in the marketing and advertising world more than 10 years ago as a proofreader, and she shifted her focus to writing soon after. She has experience on the agency side working with both B2B and B2C clients in a range of industries, including hospitality, telecommunications and apparel. No matter the client or project at hand, Danielle brings an ideal balance of strategic and creative thinking to the table.

    Before GKV, Danielle worked in-house at a direct-to-consumer food start-up, where she played an integral role in the company’s inaugural brand campaign development.

    Danielle received her bachelor’s degree in English from McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland. She enjoys writing poetry, running (albeit slowly) and spending time outdoors.