How to Un-Junk Email Copy

There are lots of factors that go into effective email marketing. From subject lines to layouts, every decision can have a big impact. One of the most important things to consider is how your writing style and word choice can create deeper connections and inspire your customers to click.

Refreshing your copy is a great way to bring new energy to email marketing. Try these tips to get started:

1. Build your brand.

Emails aren’t necessarily the choice medium for storytelling, but they’re still an extension of your brand. Whether you’re launching a product, reminding customers of a discount deadline, or sharing helpful information, be sure to inject your brand’s personality and tone. Order-delivered emails are the perfect time to play up the excitement. Post-purchase emails are your chance to show appreciation and openness to feedback. Every email gives you ways to build an emotional connection.

How to: Create a tone that complements your brand’s values and vision, and be sure to carry this through email copy. Remember, even calls to action and promo codes are opportunities.

2. Make it personal.

From first names in subject lines to audience segmentation, there are lots of ways to make your emails more personal. If you’re not sure where to start, make your copy more conversational. Try using contractions and active voice, and avoid jargon. Does it sound like something you’d actually say? (Asking questions can help, too).

How to: After you’ve finished writing, paste your email copy into Google translate and listen to it out loud. This is a simple way to make things more conversational. Cut any unnecessary words and simplify as you go along.

3. Mind the misdirect.

It’s important to make sure your subject line directly relates to the email content. If your subject line is extra catchy and clever but has nothing to do with what’s inside, you risk losing a customer connection.

How to: Be upfront about why you’re writing. If your customer is engaged before opening the email, you’re one step closer to achieving your goal.

4. Be concise in a creative way.

The lack of a strict character limit is a blessing and a curse. While the purpose of your email usually dictates how much you should write, shorter emails can be more effective. Concise emails can still have very creative copy. Instead of revealing everything in the body copy of your email, give customers a reason to click through.

How to: Consider using emojis (yes, even for B2B audiences) and lists to communicate clearly and add some personality.

5. What would you open?

It can be helpful to take a step back and think about your personal inbox. What types of emails do you open? What entices you to click? You’re a consumer, after all. Take these things into consideration as you’re crafting your next subject line or CTA.

How to: If you’re not already, subscribe to lots of brand emails—inside and outside of your category. You’d be surprised just how much inspiration you can find across the board.

The best tip is saved for last: be nimble. You can always find new ways to amplify and energize your copy. What resonates today might not resonate tomorrow, but that’s all part of the process. Test, learn, repeat—and if you need more tips, GKV is here to help.

Danielle Sirk

Senior Copywriter

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