Soli Organic — Five Secrets to Success on Social Media

In today’s digital age, having a strong social media presence is essential — especially when it comes to the food space. We’ve compiled a list of five secrets to winning on all social measures. Whether you’re looking to increase your followers, boost engagements or increase website traffic, these tips will help you achieve your goals and stand out in the crowded world of social media. Let’s dive in and discover how we elevated Soli Organic’s social media presence.

Soli Organic recreates nature indoors to consistently grow 100% USDA certified organic herbs and greens that are flavorful, sustainable and, for the first time, truly affordable. They managed their own social channels for a few years and had good results, but when GKV became their partner, the results quickly accelerated.

In 2022, Soli Organic’s social footprint reached over 1.5 million people through organic social media tactics. On Instagram, they achieved an engagement rate of 3.4%, completely outperforming the platform ER benchmark of 0.67%. With audience growth as a priority on Instagram, follower growth increased at a rate of 4.5%, well above the 1% average follower growth rate benchmark. While Facebook audience growth rate wasn’t a priority for the brand, they were able to keep their community of over 180,000 fans engaged at a 0.16% rate, exceeding the platform ER benchmark of 0.064%.

To expand the Soli Organic audience, GKV developed a robust strategy for brand partnerships. As part of this approach, the team identified and reached out to brands whose target audience and retail locations aligned with Soli Organic. The team developed promotions with the selected brand partners that attracted entries, new followers and, ultimately, meaningful results.

Other strategies GKV implemented included building a community of brand ambassadors from loyal fans who consistently create quality content that the brand regularly reshares as user-generated content (UGC). Working with brand ambassadors has led to partnership inquiries from over 45 influencers and recipe developers. Thirteen easy, high-appetite recipes created for organic social drove over 8,500 website visits, lasting an average of 2 minutes 53 seconds per session.

So now that the numbers are behind us,
here are the secrets to our success.

So now that the numbers are behind us,
here are the secrets to our success.

1) An “Always On” influencer program

Build relationships with influencers who serve as ambassadors for the brand in key distribution areas to create authentic content and help share the brand story to their followers ongoing.

2) Quarterly brand collabs

Partner with brands that complement not only each other’s products but also core consumers, leading to gaining quality fans who are likely to buy your products.

3) “How to” recipe content

Create original recipes using delicious and affordable ingredients. We are able to provide fans with recipes for any occasion, from a family weeknight meal to an appetizer to bring to the next big gathering.

4) Proactive and reactive community engagement

Engaging with our fans on a daily basis has created a two-way dialogue between the brand and consumers. We value fans’ feedback and offer surprise and delight to active fans.

5) Lots of video content

From recipe videos to content highlighting sustainability and farming — Create engaging content that will make users stop midscroll to watch. Video helps tell the brand’s larger story.

With the strategies listed above and wonderful client relationships, your brand can find further success in organic social media.

Caraline Brown

Senior Account Executive, PR/Social Media

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