GKV Kicks Off New Webinar Series

GKV will launch a new live webinar series in 2024 — Good Point by GKV — featuring insights, expertise and strategies in marketing and communications from thought leaders at GKV, as well as guest panelists from related industries, organizations and government agencies.

The first session of this free webinar series will be offered Jan. 10, 2024, from 11 a.m. to 12 noon and will focus on restoring trust in public health messaging. Other topics presented throughout the year will include building brands, developing effective public awareness campaigns, marketing consumer products, selecting an advertising agency, engaging hard-to-reach audiences and optimizing social media reach.

“After 43 years in the business, we’ve developed considerable expertise and see this initiative as a way to share our knowledge and experience,” said GKV CEO Roger Gray. “Unlike blog posts and thought leadership pieces, this format gives the audience an opportunity to ask questions and get advice on specific issues. They’ll see how skillful and insightful our employees and guests panelists are. We hope sharing our expertise will prove helpful to many people.”

Gray said each webinar will feature a panel of three or four experts on the given topic and provide ample time for participant questions and comments in real time. The topics to be covered reflect recommendations from staff, as well as communications issues that have surfaced in the media.

The idea for the first session, Regaining Trust in Public Health Messaging, came as the result of recent studies showing the public has lost faith in information from many public health institutions. The decline in confidence has occurred for many reasons — misinformation spread online, inaccurate and confusing information from government agencies during the COVID-19 pandemic, and elected officials politicizing important public health matters. The challenge for organizations is how to regain the public’s confidence in the current environment of misinformation, disinformation and conflicting messaging.

Participants of the Jan. 10 virtual event will hear from:

  • Letitia Dzirasa,Baltimore City Deputy Mayor of Equity, Health and Human Services, former Baltimore City Health Commissioner and board-certified pediatrician
  • Deidre McCabe, Communications Strategist for GKV and former Communications Director for the Maryland Department of Health
  • David “Boomer” Blum, Partner, GKV Health and account executive on public health campaigns

“I witnessed the erosion of confidence in public health messaging during the pandemic, while serving as Health Commissioner for Baltimore City. People grew weary of conflicting advice and confusing information about the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Dr. Dzirasa. “We’ll need to work very hard to turn this around, because it’s absolutely essential that the public trusts us when we need to disseminate critical health information.”

Registration is open for next week’s debut webinar. Visit https://gkv.com/good-point/ for more information and to sign up for this helpful and informative session.

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