GKV launches new creative for the Maryland Lottery’s Ravens scratch-off!

We’re excited to launch our “Heed the Caw” TV spot for our client, the Maryland Lottery.

In partnership with REJ & Associates, Moving Picture Company and Q Department we were able to demonstrate the power, magic and excitement of the Ravens scratch-off!

GKV, one of Baltimore’s largest integrated marketing firms, today announced its first major work since winning creative duties for the Maryland Lottery. GKV and Baltimore based production partner REJ & Associates teamed with Moving Picture Company (MPC) for the live shoot, CGI animation and editorial, while Q Department handled the musical score to demonstrate the power, magic and excitement of Ravens scratch-off games.

The spot, shot on location in Baltimore, shows a Lottery player suddenly experiencing a dramatic transformation to his surroundings as he begins to interact with the ticket. The sky changes, and a murmuration featuring over 500,000 ravens sways right and left, seeming to momentarily form the Baltimore Ravens logo in the sky over Baltimore before ultimately flying into the game card, highlighting the hologram printed on the ticket. The scratch player is thrown back by the power of nature and has a moment with a live raven as he enjoys the product.

The TV spot under the themeline “Heed the Caw” debuts in Maryland this week. You can view the :30 spot here: Heed the Caw.

“We were very excited to see this campaign concept come to life,” said Leo Mamorsky, chief marketing officer for Maryland Lottery. “GKV continues to raise the bar creatively for the Maryland Lottery, driving excitement around new scratch-offs for lottery players and fans.”

GKV, creative agency of record for the Maryland Lottery since 2008, was awarded a three-year contract in spring 2019 after a competitive review process. GKV partnered with REJ & Associates to win the contract. The Ravens scratch-off campaign marks the first major work by the agency for its long-standing client in the new contract period.

“The Ravens scratch-off is a tentpole release for the Maryland Lottery each fall, and it is vital that we keep creative fresh and entertaining,” said Chris Stark, co-creative director at GKV. “MPC was a fantastic creative partner for the project. Their special effects work combined with their team approach and attention to detail on the live action shoot brought the story to life and helped to make the Maryland Lottery’s product the true hero of the commercial.”

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