Opportunity Out of Chaos: The Case for Being a Values Brand


Last week, two GKV partners, Garry Raim and Jeff Millman, took part in the 8th Annual Medicare Marketing Innovations conference in San Diego, CA. Garry served as chairperson for the event, while Jeff gave a talk on the current events in health care, titled “From Election Chaos to Marketing Opportunity — The case for being a Values Brand.” The lively mixed media presentation tackled the new realities of the industry.

In examining exit polls from the 2016 election, values were deemed more important to voters than ever before. This presents a powerful opportunity — and challenge — for health plans because, just as we act upon our values as voters, we are increasingly acting upon them as consumers. For a health plan to win in this environment, it must become a Values Brand.

People are seeking more than transactional partners. They want to believe. They want to trust. They want to align with like-minded candidates… and companies. And when you combine this with the possible repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act and potential changes to Medicare and Medicaid, consumers have a heightened sense of fear and uncertainty about the future.

What are consumers thinking and feeling about the possible repeal of the Affordable Care Act? Where will your new customers come from? Is your brand strong enough — and trustworthy enough — to keep your existing customers loyal?

For insights from just-completed, proprietary research aimed at uncovering consumer reactions to the changing insurance landscape, and ideas on creative strategies to strengthen a brand, email garry.raim@gkv.com for the full presentation.

Garry Raim, Partner and Executive Vice President, GKV

Jeff Millman, Partner & Creative Director, GKV