Wireless advertising to get people to switch carriers is missing the mark.

According to recent research studies, wireless consumers are staying with their current carriers an average of 5 years. Why? Because even though the dissatisfaction may be high due to price or network reliability, it is perceived to be a hassle to switch. It’s very similar to the relationship dynamics in the banking category. We call this “consumer inertia.”

Current wireless advertising touts rational product benefits such as network superiority, unlimited data or price. It completely ignores the underlying emotional barrier of inertia. So, how can a wireless provider break through this barrier? Use external forces, life events, to get consumers to reconsider their wireless relationships.

Events like:

  • Couples, who have different carriers, getting married or moving in together
  • Having children who need wireless services
  • Or even being shocked by the monthly bill

See how we used this inertia-breaking strategy to help our client, Shentel, break sales records for their share of Sprint territory.

Roger Gray


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