There are lots of reasons to donate to the MJHS Foundation. And lots of ways. So we created a website that seamlessly combines emotion with information, showing potential donors how their gift can make a difference while guiding them on precisely where and how to give.

The MJHS Foundation offers financial assistance for the charitable health care efforts of MJHS and its affiliated agencies. MJHS is committed to providing a wide spectrum of health services for people of all ages and ethnicities, regardless of their ability to pay. And our unique storytelling home page with heartfelt imagery helps portray just that by walking you through the MJHS Foundation’s exquisite history, numerous giving opportunities and the true difference that your donation can make in the lives of others.

Unique filters and concise, captivating descriptions make it easy to determine which fund is the best fit for you. Caring isn’t just something that you feel. It’s something that you do. And donating has never been easier through the MJHS Foundation website.

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