PANDORA is a top global jewelry brand that eschews the traditional vanity and prestige appeal that drives other top jewelry brands. Instead, PANDORA focuses on four main principles: genuine (quality, craftsmanship, design), feminine, my style (individuality) and special (unforgettable moments).

GKV’s primary charge has been to build the relevancy of PANDORA, both as a gift and for self-purchase. As a PANDORA bracelet is a collection of individual charms that commemorate the special moments of one’s life or one’s unique and individual style, it has great emotional appeal. What makes a more thoughtful gift: a gift card, which says “I don’t have the time to think about something you would like,” or a PANDORA bracelet composed of special moments from your life?

In addition to advertising that communicates this, GKV created a mobile/digital application called PANDORA Gift Advisor, which made it easy to select charms that fit with the unique moments and characteristics of the gift recipient. GKV created PANDORA Charm Advisor to perform the same function for self-purchase. These sites receive visits from more than 1 million people each month. They ensure that as awareness grows, so too do sales. Since GKV began working with PANDORA, awareness has grown 300%, and we have been able to maintain above norm conversion rates throughout that time. So far, it would appear to be working.

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