Stoli Vodka:
A Toast to an Individual Spirit

Stoli is a brand of rebellion.

Its messaging comes from a desire to depart from the ordinary and embrace the individual. Tasked with celebrating an important milestone through an established voice, we channeled an aggressive, distinct campaign into content that maintained Stoli’s electric energy.

While conveying the weight of Stoli’s legacy as a ten-time award-winning vodka brand, originality was the name of the game. We adapted previously established messaging that continued the theme of liberating spirits (from both the bottle and the people drinking it) and paired it with dynamic and artful imagery.

The resulting work maintained the humor, variety, and personality of the brand, and brought Stoli’s messaging into more personal spaces and major cities, where the audiences could relate to the work more directly. By taking this more personal approach, we were able to drive home the concept at the heart of their brand: Nothing can stop the flow of individuality.

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