Stoli Vodka:
A Toast to an Individual Spirit

Stoli is a brand of rebellion.

Stolichnaya was launched in Russia in the ‘40’s. It came to the US in the ‘80’s, but had fallen off vodka lovers’ radar. In 2021, its name was shortened to “Stoli” and the brand had a striking new campaign that encouraged people to celebrate their individuality with the line, “Liberate Your Spirit.”

GKV’s task was to get that message into new places, where their brand could more effectively reach Millennials.

We strategically placed ads in out-of-home locations using street furniture, wall wraps, and entertainment venues in neighborhoods with a high concentration of Millennials; and the bars, restaurants and Stoli retailers they like to frequent.

  • Miami – Brickell, Wynnwood
  • Los Angeles – Hollywood, Orange County
  • Chicago – Lincoln Park, Wicker Park
  • New York – Williamsburg (Brooklyn)

We additionally used social media to cost effectively extend the reach and reinforce the campaign messaging. The result was a brand reawakened with a firm stake in what mattered to its consumers and a positive sales response for the businesses targeted through our placement. By taking this more personal approach, we were able to drive home the concept at the heart of Stoli’s brand: Nothing can stop the flow of individuality.

True happiness can take more than an hour. Take all the time you need.

They say you’re “unapologetically you.” As though you have anything to be sorry for.

You’ve got nothing to hide. Neither do we. Enjoy a spirit as real as you are.

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