Creating Impactful Sponsored Content in 2023

As AUSA 2022 is now past us, marketing plans for the next year seem to be on the minds of many, that is, if you’re not thinking about the two or three other shows that you might be attending before 2022 wraps up.

While geotargeting digital ads has become standard for many A&D companies, sponsored content still seems to be a process of “first come, first served,” with limited sponsorship opportunities that become available. By the time you may be reading this, you may think that that there’s nothing out there for your company’s message.

My two cents for 2023: create your own opportunity.

This isn’t as complicated, or as expensive, as it may initially sound. Let’s start with some basics:

What do you want to be known for this year?

Your advertising plans should already have the customer in mind. With sponsored content, you want your company remembered. What do you want your audience to remember about your company’s product or service?

Where do you want to be seen?

Identify at least one property that would be the best place to house sponsored content. Use your owned media to promote/extend the message, but make sure the chosen media property will also promote the content.

Decide how much to invest in sponsored content.

If you’re working in partnership with a media property, determine how broad or specific your content is, and if the media property has the right audience. From there, you can decide what portion of your budget you’d like to spend.

What are the 2-3 key points of your message?

Maybe you want to start with the problem that your product or service solves. Or perhaps you want to explain why your company has the best available solution. To get your key points across effectively, think of your messaging within the framework of a two- or three-part series. This will not only help clarify your take-home message, but also create a sense of anticipation with the audience.

Build your measurement goals into the process as early as possible.

Lead-gen, either through capture fields or a prompt to learn more on your company’s site, should be a seamless as possible. Make sure to measure your company’s website activity prior to launching, during and after a sponsored content program so that you can determine its impact.

Also, it’s helpful to work with your internal sales or business development team so that they know how to appropriately respond to any inquiries and help with your conversions.

Sponsored content is not meant to replace your advertising; but it is a great way to augment your company’s visibility and offerings in a cost-effective manner.

Or you can wait for that premium sponsorship to finally come your way.

Daniel Robinson

SVP, Director of Media Services

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