GKV Challenger Brand Minute: Building Brand Relevancy

Welcome to GKV’s Challenger Brand Minute: your source for bite-sized marketing smarts, brought to you by GKV’s VP, Director of Strategy, Dan Collins. In this episode Dan covers Brand Relevancy, Brand Voice, Brand Benefits, & Usage.

1.Brand Relevancy: It’s hard for a brand to become relevant. And even harder to stay that way. Consumer’s lifestyles change, attitudes change, everything changes. For your brand to stay relevant, it has to evolve. Luckily, we’ve found several proven ways to rebuild brand relevance.

2.Brand Voice: Brands need a voice that gives them a distinct personality and gets them noticed. Chock full o’Nuts was a tired brand. When we changed its brand voice, it got its New York swagger back, along with its sales.

3.Brand Benefits: A brand’s benefits also have to stay relevant. Seafood has some great health benefits. But kids think it’s kinda yucky. So we made it un-yucky by creating some fun, new ways to eat it. And that made all the difference.

4.Usage: Don’t get stuck in a rut. If your brand isn’t getting used, create some new ways to use it. Everyone loves Old Bay on crabs, but why not introduce customers to some completely new ways to enjoy it. Brands that get used more get bought more.

Wanna keep your brand relevant? Let us help!

Dan Collins

SVP, Chief Strategy Officer

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