5 Things Homeowners Want in 2019

As experts in the home service category, we take a quarterly pulse of what’s important to homeowners. Our initial HomePulse of 2019 focuses on the biggest challenges of owning a home and provides insight into the best ways to reach and communicate with homeowners based on the critical issues they are facing today. The following 5 key takeaways will help you get a jumpstart on your 2019 goals.

1. Home service companies must be “top-of-mind” when a problem arises in the home.

Home service is a low-interest category that is often driven by episodic events. Consumers only need you when a problem arises. However, more significant purchases, like replacement windows for the entire home, may be planned in advance.

Given the current state of the economy, only 38% of homeowners indicated that they are likely to make a significant purchase for their home this year. What does this mean?

Competition for those planned purchases will be fierce. To grow, home service companies need to be driving awareness and preference for their products and services throughout the year to be in the consideration set for the planned purchase and be top-of-mind with consumers to seize the opportunity when the episodic events occur.

2. The customer experience has never been more important.

64% of consumers stated that the deciding factor in using a home service company a second time is a positive initial experience. And now that many people share or rate the experiences they have had with home service companies on social media, consumers are searching the web and asking friends and family for positive customer experiences to determine which home service company to choose.

3. Communicate the added value and peace of mind of having a maintenance agreement.

Maintenance agreements are a great way to retain service customers. This quarter’s HomePulse survey indicated that 42% of consumers who do not currently have a maintenance agreement are willing to consider them. Now is the perfect time to promote and educate consumers on the value of your maintenance agreements.

4. If you don’t have a really good referral program, create one.

The HomePulse survey revealed that almost 60% of homeowners find out about a home service company through a referral from a friend or family member. There is no better way to build brand advocacy than through a referral program.

5. Advertising + Search!

62% of homeowners expressed that they are made aware of or try a home service company through advertising efforts. In addition to this, half of all homeowners indicated that they primarily find out more information about home service companies by searching the web.

An effective advertising campaign that includes a significant paid-search component is a lethal combination. Add an outstanding customer experience and referral program to your business and you’ll have a significant advantage over your competition in 2019.

Chuck Fischer

SVP, Account Director

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