Frank’s RedHot:
Easy AF

Frank’s, one of many hot sauces in an oversaturated market, has a great personality but is predominantly used for Buffalo wings. How do we get people to use it more often?

Everyone knows someone who likes hot food, and that they like it that way all the time. Most spicy food enthusiasts use multiple brands for different recipes or occasions. For Frank’s RedHot, we identified two, what we call little big ideas. With Frank’s, it’s easy to make anything hot. While that is true of any hot sauce brand, no one else was saying it, which made it ownable for Frank’s; maybe not for long, but no doubt ownable right now. The other was that every brand focuses on the big eating occasions — Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, etc. — so rather than just trying to get our slice of one of these big occasions, what if, instead, we tried to own the slightly less big occasions. (Show work). What worked was social media, very simple, easy (cheap) to produce videos and clever expressions, then we turned the volume up to 11.

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