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Walmart hired GKV to drive sales of its Spring Valley omega-3 fish oil products. Our charge was to clearly differentiate Spring Valley fish oils at the point of sale — the crowded Walmart supplement shelves where many fish oil brands must vie for share.

Strategy / Approach

At Walmart, fish oil shoppers are overwhelmed by choice and underarmed with information. Most lack any understanding of the key omega-3 nutrients — EPA and DHA — that give fish oil its health benefits and that Spring Valley fish oils provide in superior amounts. Shoppers also don’t know how much EPA and DHA they need each day. So, we designed educational point-of-sale posters that explained the benefits of EPA and DHA and gave clear dosing recommendations. These same benefits and dosages matched the information featured prominently on redesigned Spring Valley fish oil labels. All of which made it easy for newly informed consumers to feel confident about choosing Spring Valley fish oils.


Within six months of the point-of-sale campaign, sales showed a 14.1% share shift away from the leading national fish oil brand NatureMade to Walmart’s Spring Valley brand.

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