Elevate The Moment: Amplifying Your Trade Show Presence

With all the time and effort put into the planning and logistics for trade shows, it is important to highlight your company’s presence at a show, no matter if you have a floor-dominant pavilion or a side-aisle booth. After all, this is a time to get recognized.

Here are several tips to help amplify your voice at a trade show:

Identify which platform(s) will do the best job

Realistically, few companies have the bandwidth to have coverage on every social media platform, so it’s critical to identify which platform is best suited for trade show communication. For some, it might be Twitter to convey news and other developments from the show. For others it might be Instagram for the visual impact that platform provides. For others, LinkedIn provides an additional layer to reach across the industry when recruitment and retention objectives are also a priority.

Have a content schedule, but remember to be part of the moment

It’s wonderful (and essential) that you have a content schedule all worked out and ready to deploy by time and day. However, trade shows are a snapshot-at-a-glance of the industry; show that you are a part of the industry. Be sure to capitalize on your exhibiting by sharing posts from a trade show organizer (e.g., AUSA, NBAA, etc.) or another company that aligns with your brand, particularly if your company is either a subprime or direct supplier.

Tease and promote content, but direct your audience to your website or product landing page

Product demonstrations and SME interviews are great to promote (post, during and after), but ensure that those interested can go watch on your website and landing page.

Measure and learn

Check to see if there is an increase in social media engagement and website traffic. Identify which posts worked, and why.

Be prepared to spend something

If you post only to your followers, chances are that not all of your followers are going to see your posts or tweets. Ensure that your message gets seen by promoting your posts.

  • Recommendation: Test prior to a show to see what kind of lift is needed.
  • Hint: You might be surprised what 50 USD (or your currency equivalent) can do.

Trade shows can indeed be grueling, but there also can be the rewarding aspect of gaining new customers, celebrating industry wins and showcasing your company’s capabilities — not just to those on the exhibition floor, but also to a wider audience of industry professionals who will come to know you because you reached just a bit further.

Daniel Robinson

SVP, Director of Media Services

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