2021 CPG Greatest Hits

Five of our most successful “Little Big Ideas” for CPG Marketing in 2021

These five CPG bite-sized marketing efforts bested the benchmarks. In every case, we took small opportunities seriously, unearthing and exploiting what we call “Little Big Ideas.”

  • Highest ROAs we’ve ever seen
  • Contextual ads that engaged AND converted with click to cart
  • Website experience aligned with consumers’ omnichannel behaviors
  • Utilized first-party data that cost efficiently reached and converted consumers
  • Leveraged new ad formats that tripled engagement

1. CHOCK FULL O’NUTS – Conquering the Shopping List

Chock full o’ Nuts may be New York’s favorite coffee at heart, but being New York’s favorite coffee at home is a daily struggle. When people make their shopping list, they often write “coffee” or a competitive brand. With the help of AdAdapted, GKV was able to get Chock full o’ Nuts top of mind, on their lists and in their carts 80% of the time.

2. THAT’S TASTY – Integration Achieves Eye-Popping ROAS

That’s Tasty is a leader in life herb plants. To provide the freshest of the fresh, they need the customer’s journey to be fast. GKV built the advertising and media plan to rocket the consumer from awareness through consideration to conversion. Special shout-outs to Chicory for its perfect combination of context (recipes) and conversion (click to cart), and AKI for its incredible ROAs moments-based marketing approach.

3. Hills Bros – Post COVID-19 Updates for Where to Buy

During COVID-19, more consumers than ever shifted to shopping online while companies embraced selling product on their own sites and Amazon. Today,  most grocery retailers have their own eCommerce sites, and let’s not forget Instacart! The time has come to let the consumers decide what is the most convenient channel for themselves. That’s what GKV did for Hills Bros Coffee.

4. KAUAI – Utilizing First-Party Data to Drive New Distribution Sales

Kauai Coffee is grown on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. It had a robust eCommerce and was available in retailers on the west and east coasts, but not much in the middle of America, until Walmart stocked it this year. To generate sales at its important new retailer quickly, GKV leveraged IRI’s modeled first-party data to quickly build awareness among its best prospects and purchasers, either at retail or via click to cart.

5. Segafredo Zanetti – Making Brand Engagement Easier and More Entertaining

Segafredo Zanetti is a global coffee brand most known for its cafés around the world. In 2020, the brand became available in US grocery stores for at-home consumption. In 2021, GKV launched a campaign leveraging its global appeal to woo stateside consumers. This included Facebook instant experience ads, which achieved triple the engagement of any other ads and twice the Facebook benchmark for instant experience ads.

This is a brief peek into our most successful CPG work of 2021. With so many new technologies emerging regularly, this is an exciting time to put our challenger brand strategies to work, including Little Big Ideas.

Dan Collins

SVP, Chief Strategy Officer

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