GKV selected by orizon S.A for U.S. launch initiative

GKV, one of the mid-Atlantic’s largest integrated marketing firms, today announced a new client, Orizon Foods, a new subsidiary of Orizon S.A. — one of the largest business conglomerates in South America, based in Chile. Orizon S.A., a company belonging to the Group of Copec Companies, has a legacy of providing quality seafood to markets around the globe for over 60 years, and now they are bringing their products to the U.S. market.

GKV is working with Orizon to develop the brand’s identity, logo and packaging, as well as to help design and create their trade show presence, sales materials and initial website. Orizon Foods debuted in the U.S. market at The Seafood Expo North America in Boston, where they introduced the following products: Mussels in a Garlic Butter Sauce, Mussels in a Red Thai Sweet Curry Sauce and Whole Mussel Meats. To see more, check out www.orizonfoods.com.

Orizon will be participating in two other tradeshows over the course of 2017. GKV will continue to assist Orizon in driving the brand forward in the United States.

“We chose to work with GKV because it was apparent that they understood our category,” said Denis Minihane, US Sales Director, Orizon Foods. “GKV’s creativity and experience with integrated marketing will be crucial to our brand in the U.S. launch. We look forward to continuing to build our relationship with GKV.”

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