Improving Net Promoter Scores

How is your Net Promoter Score?

Many companies are not who they say they are. There is a disconnect between what their advertising promises and what their customers experience, resulting in customers who are brand dissenters, not brand ambassadors.

Aligning an organization’s policies, procedures and culture to its brand promise is paramount to creating customer loyalty and future financial success.

Improving Net Promoter Scores by delivering “on-brand” customer service

The word “brand” is almost always spoken in a marketing context. However, a brand is really the essential promise an organization makes, the unique values and behaviors that create its reputation, determining its worth to consumers. It is customer experience, rather than marketing, that can most immediately, most profoundly and most economically deliver the promise of a brand.

You can “operationalize” your brand by introducing brand-specific goals, policies, procedures and training to all your employees. Help them truly understand how your company’s core values, your essential uniqueness, translates into specific decisions and actions that are consistently on-brand.

Decisions and actions that, at a “moment of truth” during an employee’s daily routine, can either send a customer away or make them a loyal fan. You can give your employees a freshly focused vision, a new sense of pride and corporate “self” that will come from having a starring role in the delivery of your brand.

GKV has developed a proprietary process to help organizations create a positive on-brand culture, which results in improved customer service scores. Here are the four key steps:

  1. Identify key cultural messages:

    Uncover the systems, policies, procedures and behaviors that create your existing corporate culture. We help you modify them as may be required.

  2. Unleash the brand champions:

    Choose a select group of employees that will lead your break from the past. They will provide the trust and buy-in to bring your brand to life inside. We will find, train and unleash your internal brand champions.

  3. Deliver branded behavior:

    A day in the life of any service culture has certain customer interactions we call “moments of truth.” Moments that should differentiate your people, your process and your company from the competition. We will help ensure that these moments of truth are on-brand.

  4. Construct a new branded environment:

    We will help you weave your brand essence into the fabric of your workplace, so that the positive on-brand customer experience becomes routine.

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