On a limited budget and a frantic timeline, GKV helped di•gel launch its OTC anti-gas and antacid products with national TV, FSIs, Black Friday event marketing, social media engagement and digital advertising.

An iconic ‘70s brand that had been off the shelves for years, di•gel reemerged with aggressive new packaging and a variety of liquid and tablet offerings for portability. di•gel and GKV positioned the product to women 25-54, who are actually the heaviest users of heartburn and indigestion-fighting products but are marketed to far less than men.

The campaign pokes fun at the situations that cause women to overdo (i.e., cute waiters peddling rich desserts, holiday dinners, stress at work, girls night out). Built around the line, “When you overdo, undo”, the launch campaign included a 30-second spot featured on Bravo and the Food Network, a giant Times Square electronic billboard, an instagram photobooth and a Black Friday “Comfort Station” to help weary shoppers relax and undo the stress of the holiday (featured in the New York Times). Our hope for di•gel is that it achieves ally status, becoming a go-to brand for busy, contemporary women.

News Coverage: Read Piggybacking on Black Friday by New York Times


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