Hills Bros. Coffee:
It’s everywhere!

We like our coffee boards clever.

Our national brand campaign for Hills Bros. Coffee is “I Like My Coffee Hills Bros.”

When the client decided to do an extensive outdoor awareness campaign all over Chicago, it gave us a great opportunity to tailor our messaging in a very “inside Chicago” way.

To reinforce the affinity between the brand and the city, we adapted our “I Like My” headline format with lots of clever specific Chicago references.

Since all the billboards were digital, we could afford to rotate a slew of different lines on each board, so the campaign was always fresh.

The campaign was also a big success. The brand saw a significant lift in sales compared to markets without regionally customized messaging. Chicagoans loved the creative. As did our client, who now proclaims, “I like my billboards GKV.”

Looks like we have something in common!

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