Maryland Lottery:
Home Run Riches

Home Run Riches

Baseball has some funny expressions. Ducks on the pond. Can of corn. Do you know what they mean?

To give people a sense of how much fun it is to play Home Run Riches Scratch-Offs, we have a little fun with the game of baseball and the strange expressions that baseball has cultivated over the game’s long history. Because, you know, it’s fun. And engaging. Even if you’re only a fan of winning money.



Previous Baseball Campaigns

When the Maryland Lottery asked GKV to come up with a campaign for their new Baseball Bucks scratch-off game, we created parodies of stereotypical sports spots, shooting them with the same drama and grandeur. But our campaign took a slightly more unexpected approach. We decided to get real. Let’s face it; most of us weren’t great ballplayers. In fact, our highlight reels are probably more hilarious than heroic. But that’s okay because “Even if you’re not quite ready for the big leagues, you can still play Baseball Bucks from the Maryland Lottery.”

We introduced Marylanders to the new Baltimore Orioles™ Scratch-Off from the Maryland Lottery using a few of the team’s biggest fans. “Bob” and his friends share their excitement for all the different prizes in this integrated effort featuring TV, online, OOH, social media, radio and print.

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