Omega-3 Partnership

GKV worked hand-in-hand with the Omega-3 Partnership, made up of key members from around the globe, and led other communications partners in developing an advocacy campaign to help stem a recent decline in the sales of omega-3 supplements in the US. In addition to developing the advertising and marketing platform, GKV coordinated materials to assist in fundraising efforts.

The creative focuses on “trigger moments,” or little reminders that it’s time to think about your heart health. Moments like walking up the stairs and feeling fatigued, birthdays, and conversations with health professionals. GKV harnessed the power of these moments to remind consumers that omega-3s are always a good idea for your heart. Additional materials tell the full story of omega-3s’ many potential health benefits.

Preliminary test market results showed omega-3 sales increased considerably when compared to control market cities. The campaign went national in March of 2015.


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