Unlocking Marketing Success with Analytics

At GKV, we execute high-impact marketing campaigns with one goal in mind: to help our clients succeed. But how can we tell if we are successful? Even more important, how do we know what we did well, and what we can improve? It all hinges on our ability to measure and analyze our campaign performance data. That ability is the key to maximizing the impact of advertising on business goals.

To that end, we partnered with Datorama, a Salesforce company and leading marketing intelligence platform. Here are three ways the GKV team uses Datorama to maximize marketing outcomes for our clients.

1. We break down silos by presenting a unifying view of the campaign.

Marketing data is fragmented. Each platform generates its own view of performance, which is often analyzed separately. This can reinforce silos within the marketing team. At GKV, we recognize that every channel works together to support business goals.

Often, it’s the strategy as a whole that works, not an individual component in isolation. So, we aim to include business data (like leads or sales) alongside a complete view of marketing performance.

With Datorama, we have it all in one place and we can provide easy-to-use dashboards that tell the whole story.

2. We automate reporting so that we can make faster decisions.

Getting data all in one place used to be a lengthy manual process for GKV, as it is for many marketers. According to Datorama research, 57% of marketers spend more than one week each month manually aggregating data.

When it comes to the fast-paced world of digital advertising, every day counts. So, we decided that we best serve our clients if we streamline and automate this process.

Datorama’s API connections allow us to minimize manual work. More automation means less time waiting for up-to-date information before making decisions.

3. We focus on actionable insights.

Data without context is like a compass without a needle. It is not useful unless it can tell you where you need to go. At GKV, a central part of our analytics approach has been to enable strategic decisions based on data. This starts by using the Datorama dashboard to identify trends or issues before a targeted deep dive to reveal a new course of action.

We strive for data-driven recommendations, and embrace testing and iterating on our marketing executions. Our recommendations often include new tactics and creative messaging to test. Sometimes they are about optimizing a component of user experience, like the website or landing page.

In every case, we provide clients not only with a report about what happened, but insight into why, how and what we can do next.

Datorama gives us back time that we can spend taking action to improve our campaigns. Since we started, we have changed not only how our reporting looks, but our ability to use data to drive marketing performance. Reporting time is cut in half, fresh data is at our fingertips daily, and, when needed, we confidently coordinate optimizations during the campaign. All of this is in service of our client goals.

For GKV, this is only the beginning. As the ways to engage with consumers continue to expand, so does the complexity of our advertising campaigns. Measuring digital marketing keeps evolving. Our analytics processes will continue to adapt. We are ready to rise to the challenge.

Anna Alexiadi Smyrniotaki

Director of Digital Analytics & Strategy

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