L3 Brand History

When L3 Technologies first consulted GKV, the company consisted of 70+ divisions — all of which had different specialties and product offerings. As a global leader in the A&D category and one of the top ten U.S. government contractors, L3 was growing quickly, often acquiring new companies.

The many divisions of L3 served to strengthen the company’s competitive advantage by broadening their innovative technology capabilities and extending the company’s reach. But this large number of portfolio companies also posed a brand challenge: How could 70+ different divisions be represented and identified as L3 to customers?

One look. One feel. One voice.

GKV developed a successful process for establishing and upholding brand consistency for L3 by creating a set of flexible templates for print advertising and data sheets. The brand standards evolved to include tradeshow, digital, social and web. These templates established a consistent brand look and feel for L3 while also accommodating the different needs of the divisions.

In order to create branding that could withstand the constant change in the company and industry at large, GKV updated the templates every two years by way of a process that evaluated the changes and growing needs of the company and individual divisions.

L3 marketing, enhanced.

Over the course of 12 years, GKV’s partnership with L3 expanded to include creative development (digital, social, print, collateral, video, radio), media negotiation and placement, social media and digital reporting. GKV served as the brand steward through the entire relationship, ensuring all marketing and advertising adhered to the brand guidelines and were collectively received in the marketplace as one L3 voice.