Seafood Nutrition Partnership:
Little Seafoodies

Seafood Nutrition Partnership is a nonprofit working to raise awareness about the essential nutritional benefits of eating seafood. Knowing that habit formation for food preferences occurs early in life, they wanted to create a campaign that would support moms introducing seafood to their children 2x per week for optimal health benefit. In this instance, awareness of the health benefit was not the primary issue — making it actionable for busy moms was. Our challenge was to give these moms a reasonable chance of success at getting their kids to eat seafood in their already time-pressed life. Thus we strove to make it easy by giving these moms tried and true tips they could layer into their busy lives for their picky little eaters.

What worked was social media animated posts and influencer video content deployed across channels that reinforced the health benefits but made it manageable. We stayed on message with our simple tips, and we bridged the gap between mom’s aspirations and actual habit formation. The numbers support this claim. The campaign has achieved 300% ROI.

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