Digital marketing for Medicare Age-Ins. Why it’s now a must-have.

If you are like most Medicare plans, you’ve recently completed your Annual Election Period (AEP) recap.  You’ve seen the takeaways: the continued trend of low plan shopping and switching by Medicare beneficiaries and the impact of the political season on your AEP campaign. And now you are off planning for the next AEP!

It is unfortunate, but most Medicare plans do not spend enough time analyzing or optimizing their Age In program, since marketing to those who are aging into Medicare is typically conducted year-round. If you are like most plans, your Age In efforts are focused on direct mail campaigns that target prospects with multiple touches throughout the year. But you may have overlooked the impact that digital marketing could have on reaching those aging into Medicare.

Today’s Baby Boomers are comfortable using the web to research Medicare and compare plan options.  Heck, they are even more comfortable shopping and enrolling online, since many of these Boomers purchased Individual and Family plans through the online exchange.

If you have not incorporated digital advertising into your Age In Campaign, you are missing a prime opportunity to grow plan enrollments and capture your fair share of the 10,000 Baby Boomers that are turning 65 every day. It’s time to fish where the fish are.

Here are a few tips for integrating digital advertising into your Age In campaign:

  • Build an Age In marketing plan that includes paid search and digital display banners. Both mediums provide a low-cost, targeted mean to achieve a year-round presence.
  • Create a dedicated age in web page.Your clunky corporate website is not designed to drive leads. Build a separate page that is educational and transactional in nature. Help this audience learn about all aspects of Medicare and how it works. And give them multiple options to connect with you whether that be picking up the phone, completing an online contact form or registering for a seminar. Make sure the page is mobile friendly for smartphone and mobile devices, not just desktop.
  • Be sure to promote and use a dedicated web address in your direct mail campaign.We know that direct mail drives visitors to the web. Your direct mail campaign should take credit for it.  When you can, utilize a dedicated url address for tracking.
  • Have the correct metrics in place to analyze campaign performance. Whether its Google Analytics, pixels, container tags, etc. do the preparation upfront so that you can get access to the data you need.
  • Don’t set it and forget it! Digital marketing allows you to have access to real-time results.  Use them to optimize your campaign whether it be tracking creative performance, adjusting your media buy, or tweaking your dedicated Age In webpage to optimize site conversions.

Selected by CMS to launch the Medicare Prescription Drug Program, GKV has deep experience engaging Baby Boomers and Medicare beneficiaries for local, regional and national health plans and providers. GKV is also listed as one of Design Rush’s Top 20 Digital Marketing Agencies Of 2019 That Won’t Break The Bank

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