In 1960, before the snack industry and our waistlines exploded with artificial this and hydrogenated that, Back to Nature began creating natural, nutritious foods with wholesome, real ingredients. They lived by the belief that nature got it right in the first place, and that natural ingredients — simply prepared — made food that was rewarding in both its healthfulness and its flavor.

In 2015, Back to Nature realized that what they had been doing for over 50 years was important to many people, particularly moms, who were increasingly trying to eat and feed their families more natural and organic foods. They selected GKV to get the word out: Eating simply and naturally doesn’t mean sacrificing deliciousness.

The new advertising campaign launched in February 2016 with social media, print and digital advertising. Social media engages core natural and organic food true believers and their friends with new reasons and ways to enjoy Back to Nature products and how to live a simple and natural life. Print and digital extend the message out to those moms who need to be introduced to or reminded about Back to Nature’s great tasting natural and organic products. Results to date have been great! Our social following is growing as are our engagement rates, and most importantly, sales are on the rise.